CEE countries are usually too small for large companies usually dealing in large markets. However the region as whole has a huge potential wtih about 50-100 million people (it depends which countries do we consider as the region...).

It is a commonplace that doing business in the Central Eastern European region requires specific skill set and knowledge. Different languages and culture influencing business capabilities. Thus, it is obvious that Western best practices usually just do not work here. 8-10 different languages and English is just not enough sometimes. Languages are different, but culture is more or less similar - not what Western business people got used to.  So is the way of doing business.

We know the culture and the languages

Our company offers a wide range of services for companies intending to enter the region, want to improve processes and quantities at existing relations regardless of being SME’s or MNE’s.

  • Full scale marketing agency - Entry campaign planning and implementing
  • Strategic Consulting (General Business & Marketing)
  • Sales agency services - network building and team 

We have the knowledge, the experience, know the attitude and have the network.
We are here to help...

Current news

Opening to the East

2016. 07 24.

Paralleled with governmental incentives Hungarian companies are turning to the East, particularly towards the Gulf countries and Africa. CT Consulting is offering it's clients advisory service and representation in the region. 

Tesco Hungary is running out of workforce?

2016. 07 24.

 Tesco Hungary being one of the largest employer in Hungary with over 20k employees struggling with workforce problems.....

Metro Hungary focuses more on HoReCa

2012. 07 19.

Metro Hungary offers kitchen design services at VIP entrance.

In 5 countries of the CEE region we provide consultancy services, like sales agency, market entry and marketing and management consulting.


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