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Everything starts with a “why” question. When working on an assignment, we ask why you exist as a company. What’s your strategic intent? Why do you still exist and why should anyone demand your services and products? By defining and exploring your strategic intent, your business capabilities as well as your financial and operational performance, it is possible to conduct a stress test of your current business model with questions like:

  1. Where do you create superior value? If not, why?
  2. What are your customer’s pain and gain and what is the real need they are trying to satisfy?
  3. Is it possible to either eliminate or reduce market logic and demands?
  4. Is it possible to introduce or raise new market logic and demands?
  5. What channels do you use and how do you use them?
  6. What are your valuable assets, such as key resources, key activities and key partners?
  7. Is it possible to imitate your valuable assets? What is unique?
  8. What is your pricing model? How do you maximise customer lifetime value?

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Current news

Opening to the East

2016. 07 24.

Paralleled with governmental incentives Hungarian companies are turning to the East, particularly towards the Gulf countries and Africa. CT Consulting is offering it's clients advisory service and representation in the region. 

Tesco Hungary is running out of workforce?

2016. 07 24.

 Tesco Hungary being one of the largest employer in Hungary with over 20k employees struggling with workforce problems.....

Metro Hungary focuses more on HoReCa

2012. 07 19.

Metro Hungary offers kitchen design services at VIP entrance.

In 5 countries of the CEE region we provide consultancy services, like sales agency, market entry and marketing and management consulting.


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